Our Window Cleaning Services are specially tailored to the surface to ensure that the surface of your house windows and exteriors are safe and undamaged. We are Your Local Window Washing experts. We understand the problem faced by many people that is water spots left after they finish cleaning the window. Thus, we as window cleaning professions utilize the latest technology. For multi-level buildings, we use Pure Water Cleaning System. The cleaning units are designed to purify and filter the water that we use. It removes all the minerals in the water ensuring that there will be no water spots once we are finished. We are one of the most equipped Exterior Cleaning & Washing Companies in Auckland. We have the right equipment to Wash and Clean any Commercial or Residential Windows. We will not damage your glass with our scrappers.

Some benefits of getting window cleaning from us include No hard water used, only pure water, no hard chemicals used, we clean joints, no water spots, and the safest method used to clean the windows. We Are Professional Commercial Window Cleaning companies in Auckland or New Zealand or as a residential Window Washing Service.

We recommend our clients to get their windows cleaned every 6 months so that their windows are clean and there is no moss or mould starting to build up. But House window washing does more damage than good, as it leaves streaks of water and joints are more damaged with tap water. We clean interior and exterior windows using a Pure water system for streak-free cleaning.  We can wash up to 3-story high rise windows in a go, it enables us to make our window cleaning and window washing service cost-effective for our clients.