Cleaning Commercial Spaces requires a certain finesse and experience. Our cleaning crew know to work around schedules and be in and out of the premises without disturbing the employees.

The tasks handled by our Cleaning Crew varies from Space to Space. Our team of experts have been trained to dust and wipe all desks, chairs and tables, to vacuum and disinfect carpets and hard floors, clean doors and windows and empty waste receptacles and collect garbage.

In addition to that we also clean kitchen/break rooms and washrooms, including stairs, elevators and escalators. We recommend that you clean your entryways and passages on a regular basis as they see the most amount of traffic.

We Clean all type of spaces which varies from small to large offices, Gyms, Schools and retails stores. Once any job is completed we perform a ‘Quality Control Check’

Metro Cleaning Services are 100% Kiwi Owned Operated, fully insured and comply with NZ health & safety Standards.