House Wash

We Are True House Wash & Exterior Washing Experts

House Wash Services are specially tailored to surface and soil to ensure that your house and exteriors are safe and undamaged. We are your Local Kiwi House Wash Experts. We understand that all surfaces are not the same, what could clean one could wreck the other.  After Washing the House, we rinse it the eco-friendly Sanitiser which keeps the surrounding environment healthy.

For Our House Wash And Exterior Cleaning Services, we use the combination of biodegradable chemicals and low water pressure to remove and eliminate the growth of GRIME, MOSS, ALGAE and LICHEN. We are one of the best and most leading  House Wash Company in Auckland.

Our House Washing Service includes all types of surfaces such as weatherboard/brick houses, concrete driveways, decks, fences and roofs etc. We have spent years to perfect the science behind cleaning exteriors and dirt removal. We assure you, we always use the right technique for your surface and give you stain-free results.

Our Exterior Cleaning and House wash Experts can help prepare your property for repainting or simply selling it. Regular washing can minimise, and even prevent, corrosion and staining on exterior surfaces, saving you, money and unwelcome expenses in the future. Contact Us Today!