Exterior house & building wash

We provide expert exterior cleaning for homeownerscommercial property owners and public sector organisations. We mainly cover Auckland but are happy to travel to anywhere in the North Island upon request.

The cleanliness of your property is essential. If you’re a proud homeowner, you’ll want your house looking it’s best, so it feels like a nice place to come home to.  For businesses owners, it provides a pleasant space for you and your employees to work and impacts people’s’ opinion of your company.

How we clean it and what we use

We’ve seen the damage that can be done by inexperienced operators who have used the wrong technique or chemicals on delicate surfaces. Our cleaning service is especially tailored to the surface and soiling to ensure your surface is safe and undamaged. We understand not all surfaces are the same what cleans one will wreck another.

Our exterior cleaning services cover any type of hard outside surface. From driveways, conservatories and render to car parksroofs and tennis courts. And we can remove any type of dirt or stubborn stain, including algae, paint, grease, oil and diesel spills.

We’ve spent years studying the science behind dirt and stain removal on exterior surfaces. So, you can be sure we’ll always use the right method for your property and stain type to give you excellent results.