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We are Exterior Cleaning Experts that offer unmatched services. Our Exterior Cleaning Services come from an expert and professional team who works day and night to come up with the best solutions for you. Exterior building cleaning is an art if not performed right, it can have severe consequences.

We specialize in exterior washing large multi-level buildings and are one of only two exterior cleaning companies in Auckland who has the specialist equipment to reach up to 3 levels from the ground. Once we clean, the surface life increases by 10 to 20% and we clean all types of surfaces ranging from Metal panels,weatherboards, ornaments to decks and patios.

We are cleaning experts in commercial buildings as well. We as exterior cleaning experts can give your building the amazing street appeal back by cleaning moss, mold or lichen growing on it. We can transform your exterior worn out and dusty surfaces such as cement, stone paths and other exterior flooring systems and to enhance and promote your property. We offer roof cleaning in exterior cleaning services to kill and remove all growth and then protect it from regrowth for up to 12 months.

Our water blasting service exterior cleaning services are designed to suit the needs of our customers. Consisting of thorough cleaning procedures.