Exterior Building Wash

Exterior Cleaning

We are True Commercial Exterior Cleaning experts. Metro Group only uses environmentally chemicals and Safety Data Sheets are listed for the public on our website.

We specialize in washing Large multi-level buildings and are one of only two company’s who has the specialist equipment to reach up to 3 levels from the ground. We can clean a wide range of buildings, surfaces, even ornaments and statues, removing them of unwanted substance. Once the cleaning has been completed these surfaces usually appear almost new, significantly enhancing the appearance of any domestic area.

If your commercial building has moss, mould or lichen growing on it we can clean it off and give your building that amazing street appeal back it once had.

We can also treat your roof to kill and remove all growth and then protect it from regrowth for up to 12 months.

Our Professional teams are providing Building Wash / Exterior & Surface Cleaning Services throughout Auckland & Wellington

Metro Group’s  100% Kiwi Owned Operated, fully insured, comply with NZ health & safety standards.

AUCKLAND stage one water restrictions are now in force.

That means Residents cannot use outdoor hoses or water blasters.

For Our Exterior Cleaning Services in Auckland, We bring our own untreated Portable Water provided by Auckland Council. 

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