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DECK CLEANING & DECK RESTORATION : If your deck looking out of place ? slippery or have nasty grime build up on it? We can bring it back to life. We offer best and cost effective pressure cleaning service to restore your Deck. Once we have done the deck cleaning we apply spray treatment which protects your deck from grime build ups.

DECK STAINING : Staining can be done once the deck has been cleaned and dried for at least a day If it’s a new deck then a soft wash deck wash will be required prior to deck staining. We only use top quality stain and quote fix prices so there are no hidden cost involved in deck cleaning or deck staining.

FENCE & RETAINING WALL CLEANING : Cleaning a Fence or Retaining wall is very tedious task and consumes a lot of time. Fence cleaning is done in two stage First a chemical mix is applied to soften the grime build ups and then precise low pressure cleaning carried out to finish the task. Upon completion of  Fence Cleaning we spray sodium hypochlorite mix on the fence to give it new look and protect it from moss and grime build ups.

CONCRETE & PATHWAY CLEANING: For all type of concrete cleaning we use adjustable rotary pressure cleaner and rotary nozzle to get into all the corners and confined spaces. We can tidy up poolsides, pavers.

CONCRETE OIL STAIN REMOVAL : We specialise in Concrete oil Stain removal, oil stain can be chemically treated and then washed away and any stubborn stain can be brought to surface with special acid based chemical and then simply washed with eco-friendly chemical. We have proven track record and method for oil stain removal that works 100%.